A Fiesta grocery store just opened up near us so today the girls and I went to check it out. We saw quite a few of them when we lived downtown, but never ventured inside and I've always been curious just how good their "international" selections actually were. I was so excited today because they really do have TONS to offer! I bought some real plaintains and attempted to re-create one of the staples I enjoyed during my semester abroad in Uganda...matoke! I LOVED it and since my roommate didn't I would end up eating hers too... so no one would be offended of course :-)(that must be why I gained weight in Africa instead of losing it)! In comparing food from the DR and Uganda, Mike and I had figured that what they call mangu in the DR is probably the same thing as matoke, and we were right! Today I peeled and chopped up some plaintains and put some of the extra African Beef Curry on top from last night and it definitely was close to what I remember. I don't think I let the plaintains boil quite long enough, but I am excited to keep experimenting with them - yum!