Hansen Tacos

These definitely offer a different take on what you might consider your traditional taco...you'll have to read their history at the end. I have never actually made these myself...just enjoyed them countless times at my grandparents...and yes, I ate ALL those tacos on the plate :-)! They are delicious! (and it is typically a friendly competition between the men to see who can eat the most tacos)How To Make Them:
MEAT: Your typical ground beef cooked with chopped onion
TORTILLAS: Heat oil in a large saucepan until boiling. Dip corn tortillas in until they begin to bubble, then remove and fold in half so they dry in "taco form" (when cool fill with beef)
*LETTUCE: This is the secret! Shredded iceburg lettuce, chopped radishes and chopped cherry tomatoes...tossed with oil and vinegar (2/3 oil to 1/3 vinegar) and lots of paprika (put in enough to lightly coat lettuce)
CHEESE: shredded cheddar
FIXINGS: see pic below...you absolutely must sprinkle with garlic salt and Louisiana hot sauce
In case you are wondering how these tacos came to be (Grandma, correct me if I get this wrong)...When my grandma's family moved from their farm in Idaho to southern California when she was young they had never had or heard of tacos before. Her family instantly fell in love with them and this was their attempt to recreate them. Although my grandparents also make delicious "real" Mexican food now, our family still enjoys Hansen tacos...so much so that I requested them for my birthday dinner!