New Easy Broccoli Idea

Just a quick note: I received a free sample of a Ziploc steaming bag (Zip 'n Steam)and tried it out yesterday. I cut up a head of broccoli and put them in the bag, tossed it with some garlic salt and Mrs. Dash and put it in the microwave for 3 minutes (they have a little chart on the bag with times for different veggies depending on if they are fresh or frozen, etc.). We sprinkled it with some cheese and the girls and I thought it was delicious (broccoli is our favorite veggie and since Mike doesn't care for it we usually eat it when he's at work). We shared the whole bag at lunch time...It was super easy too so I think I'll buy some to have on hand.

And in case you think we are really healthy over here, yesterday on the way home from Joy School Ella told me they made popcorn but she didn't like it because it didn't have butter on it (it was healthy air-popped). When she got home I put a little bit of salt and butter on it and she said, "Now it tastes good!"
We win some, we lose some I guess :-)!


Kayley said...

I was looking for different ways to cook broccoli and found this post- they were both so tiny here! :(