Diane's Classic Potato Salad

I am a girl who LOVES potatoes, so naturally I LOVE potato salad...HOMEMADE potato salad that is :-). Mike's mom makes a great potato salad so I asked her if she would be kind enough to make it for our BBQ and she kindly agreed. It is one of those recipes she just makes to taste, so here is a best guess at measurements after watching her make it. It is oh so good!!!

-Potatoes, about 1 medium per person (she usually uses russet you can use red if you prefer)
-Eggs, 1 for every 2 people
-Mayonnaise, a large spoonful per person
-Red Onion, finely diced
-lots of Dill Pickles, chopped (and some pickle juice)
-Celery Seed

-Boil eggs and potatoes, with skins on (I prefer peeling first). While they are boiling prepare sauce.
-Mix together mayonnaise and mustard. Add enough mustard until when mixed with mayo it is a good potato salad color...you know yellow-ish, but not too yellow :-).
-Add red onion (we used between 1/4 and 1/2 c. for 15 people). She says not to use too much because you don't want the onion flavor too strong.
-Add dill pickles (we used 1 1/2 16-oz. jars), LOTS of celery see and enough juice to make it a good creamy consistency with a tart flavor.
-Peel potatoes and dice. Peel eggs and mash. Add both to large bowl with sauce until they are well coated. Taste, adjust, etc.
-Make it the day before for extra tastiness :-)! (and one less thing to make the day of)


Heidi said...

I'm a potato girl too and this is how my mom taught me to make potato salad. YUMMY!