Chicken and Black Bean Burritos

This is another recipe idea from Melissa's Bargain Blog. It moved up on my menu because I had leftover avocado slices from last night's dinner that I knew would be delish in these :-). We used corn tortillas, so they were more like tacos than burritos, but they were really good (and oh so easy too)! I also put Cilantro Lime Rice inside, which made for a perfect combo!

1 taco/fajita seasoning packet
2 cans black beans, drained
2-3 chicken breasts (I just used 1)
1 can green enchilada sauce
optional fillings: cheese, sour cream, avocado, tomato, etc.

Place chicken breasts in bottom of the crockpot and then add remaining ingredients. Cook on low 6-8 hours.
Shred chicken before serving and serve in tortillas.
This is also really good if you use beef instead of the chicken!


Melissa said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it :) I'm going to have to try the cilantro lime rice. Is that like what they have at Cafe Rio? I miss that place so much!

Marci said...

Cafe Rio's rice was a cilantro lime flavor, huh?! This was a little more mild I think, but still good. If only they'd open one in Katy :-)!

Melissa said...

Honestly I don't remember for sure. It's been so long since I've had it....I am thinking that's what it was, though? Kind of? Maybe?

Melissa said...

By the way - if they opened one in Katy, I'd be in SOO much trouble! I've been to all of the ones people say are "like" Cafe Rio (Mission Burrito, Chipotle, Qdobo)...none of them cut it :(