Mom's Green Beans

My mom has always been a green bean lover...I, on the other hand, have grown to appreciate them :-). Recently though I have really been loving them, so I finally asked her how she does it! Whenever my mom makes them when we are over for dinner, the girls can't get enough of them, so I figured I may as well start making myself every once in awhile. Tonight was our first attempt and they were DELICIOUS!

- canned green beans
- butter
- Goya All Purpose Seasoning (with the RED cap)
- Dump beans into sauce pan with a generous amount of butter (I put 1 1/2 T. for 1 can of beans tonight).
- Season with Goya salt and pepper...lots of both, to taste.
- Let the flavors mix together and enjoy!


rusted sun said...

I love adobo. Dominicans cook with it all the time. I put it on chicken ad grill it on the Forman Grill and make tacos for dinner at least once a week.
It tastes great and is easy to use.


Kelley said...

I missed that you posted about the green beans. I'm glad Ella gets to have them at home now. She does love them!