A New Strategy

Every post is better with a picture, so here is a recent one from our busy life.
With all the craziness I have been having a hard time figuring out when to even get to the grocery store! So, I am trying a new strategy and planning 2 weeks at a time.
I know many people do this already but it never really appealed to me. Now I am seeing there may be some big benefits to this. We'll see :-).
I'm planning a quick run for produce and milk the second week. And I am hoping that the yummy new recipes I found to try will motivate to get back in the kitchen more often.


Stephanie said...

Great idea! I usually shop for 1 or 2 weeks at a time. Its way easier than having to run to the store multiple times a week and nearly impossible with kiddos that would rather be playing! The only drawback is that sometimes I have produce go bad on me before we eat it. So I make a menu and keep it on the fridge so I have an idea what I get to cook first :) Good luck!!