Preston's Birthday Menu

I knew I wanted to serve up some Mexican style food for Preston's family party, but I couldn't decide which kinds of enchiladas to make. I have tried so many good ones recently that I want everyone to try, sooo I decided to just make them all! We'll be having an enchilada bar :-).

Here's the menu...
Chicken Enchiladas with Roasted Tomatillo Salsa
Perfect Enchiladas
Southwestern Enchiladas
Creamy Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas

Along with...
Tortilla Chips
Cilantro Lime Rice
Garlic Black Beans
Restaurant Style Salsa
Fancy Guacamole
Cubed Watermelon

And for dessert...
Vanilla Frozen Yogurt
Chocolate Cupcakes (from the box) w/ Cream Cheese Frosting (from the tub)
Strawberry Shortcakecake (not a typo :-)
and varieties of M&M's


DJ and Candra Probert said...

So which enchiladas were everyone's favorites? Was there an overall winner???

Marci said...

My dad was the only one who gave a definite favorite, and his were the Southwestern. No one else could give me an answer...which is why I ended up making all of them, I couldn't decide either :-)!

Kathy said...

Oh yay!!!! I'm so glad y'all love that recipe!!! I haven't made them in awhile - 'bout time to put them back on the rotation!!! I hope Preston had a great b-day!!! Happy Summer :)