Leighanna's Mashed Potatoes

So, I LOVE potatoes...period. I don't care how you prepare them...baked, mashed, fried...I LOVE them. For some reason I am not a great mashed potato-maker though. I really need to take the time to perfect the skill :-). Leighanna brought us some DELICIOUS potatoes with dinner the other night and I was convinced they must be full of fattening ingredients because of their smooth consistency and rich flavor. Even Ella, who typically only eats her one required bite of my mashed potatoes LOVED them. It was a pleasant surprise to find out they weren't even that bad for me!

5lbs red potatoes with skins
1 stick butter
About 1 cup milk
2 tsp of Garlic Salt
1-2tsp pepper
1 tsp salt

-I cut up the potatoes into good sized cubes (and I leave the skins on) and boiled them til soft.
-Once cooked, I throw them in a large mixing bowl with 1 stick of butter for the 5lbs of potatoes. Then, I add about 1/3 cup of milk and use a hand mixer to whip them together.
-Once they are a little more "mashed" I sprinkle in some garlic salt and pepper and a little more milk to get them a little creamier.

So in short, mix, season, mix, season, add milk for creamy until you like the consistency.