Melissa's Tomatillo Salsa

Melissa (of Melissa's Bargain Blog) brought this yummy salsa to the shower! Luckily she had posted the recipe on her own blog. Unfortunately this picture is also cropped out of a big one, but you get the idea.

*Herdez Green Sauce (They sell this at Walmart here. If they don't have this brand in your area, you can probably substitute another green sauce....look for something with tomatillos and serrano peppers)
*1 or 2 avocadoes (peeled and pitted)
*1 bunch cilantro, washed very well
*8 oz sour cream
*1/3 white onion
*garlic powder and salt to taste

For spicier version: add one serrano pepper
For a more liquidy version: add another jar Herdez Green Sauce
For a creamier sauce: 16 oz sour cream

I dump everything in the blender and mix well. I also add a dash of lime. It is SO good!