Pot Roast (Freezer Meal)

Who doesn't like a good roast every now and then...especially when you don't have to wait hours for it to cook?! Our freezer meal group organizer (who really did all the thinking and planning for us) made this one and included the carrots in the bag. Apparently potatoes don't freeze well however so I made mashed potatoes to serve with it. Yum!

(for 1 recipe, which makes 12 servings...and I believe she cut that in half for each family)
-3 lb. chuck roast
-1 pkg. onion soup mix
-1/2 c. water
-baby carrots

Assembly Directions:
-Heat frying pan until a drop of water sprinkled on it "dances." :-) Sear roast in hot frying pan for 3-4 minutes until nicely browned. Repeat on other side. Place roast in covered baker or slow cooker with onion soup mix and 1/2 c. water (and carrots). Bake at 325 degrees for 3 hours or more. Cool and slice.

Freezing and Cooking Directions:
-Place in labeled freezer bag, seal and freeze. Reheat to serve.


Kelly said...

The recipe said 12 servings, and I was going to divide it in half for each family, however, half a roast just didn't look large enough for one family. So I would say this recipe realistically serves 6.

I think this recipe was a quick and easy roast, but it seemed a little bland to me. I used a Pork Roast because I had Rain Checks for .99 a pound (as opposed to $5.99/lb that week for beef roasts).